For Our Retail Customers and End Users

Our retail brands strive to provide a sense of joy and pride of ownership in the products we deliver to our customers. We make every effort to deliver high quality products of unique caliber and that serve a useable purpose, or that inspire happiness, social engagement and a personal connection to the retail customer and end user.

Our products are not essential to daily living or ongoing prosperity, but the purpose they serve feeds the interests of end users who desire to own and cherish or take part in something that becomes part of who they are, and what they do in their daily lives. In bringing our products and services to customers, we take long strides to ensure personal and professional business practices, open communication and the ability to clear any barriers between our provisions of service and those who choose to invest in them. We are committed to doing right by our customers wants and maintaining a visible sense of leadership in our field for upholding these practices.

For Our Manufacturing Relations

We are committed to delivering high quality, unique and brand oriented products that rival the marketplace in price, value and manufactured excellence. In delivering specs, art and design requirements to our manufacturers, we strive to deliver the exact specifics they need to minimize cost, expenditure and overruns to finalize each individual end piece that a user will receive; created to our demanding personal requirements.

We thoroughly respect the efforts and financial needs our partners give and endure to keep their employees working and paid. We maintain immediate payment schedules and provide every effort to remit said payments and to publicly display our appreciation for their services through their social media and marketing channels and to address the hard work and high quality they provide as to see that we maintain the success that the fruits of their labors deserve.

With great thanks, we want to add here that we truly appreciate all of our vendors, manufacturing partners and retail outlets who support the ongoing growth of our mutual businesses. Let us all meet for coffee and biscuits!

For Our Service Clients

Clients whom we provide services, events, promotion and visual content for are our most prized possession. Supplying for their needs in each customized way, gives us a purpose and fulfillment that nothing else can give. To maintain these relationships and continue to build on the hopes, dreams and future plans of our clients, we often remove ourselves from our own daily lives to live in the moment of our clients lives.

Where there are critical activities that drive the success of a clients planned event, the last things they need to worry about are the services we provide. To mediate those concerns, we take every step to see that a clients long term goals are addressed from the day we begin planning how we will service our client. We offer a direct line of communication to clients from the moment of our union through the end of our working relations on a project with Joe Dolan himself to ensure that when they have a concern, it is met with an immediate positive response.

As a company, we maintain the latest knowledge of advancing technology and methods to best serve our clients, as well as building strong networks of support to help raise the visibility of their projects and return a high yield of success from their investment, regardless of their budget or other constraints. It’s our job to get them every aspect of production to receive the best results they can from their campaigns.

At no time do we “yes” a client. We consider our clients best interest in all decisions and will clearly state, from experience in the field, what we feel best serves the clients needs. Working within the aspects of their intentions, we refuse to cut corners, expense or time to shortcut a clients campaigns and will add the extra effort required to derive the biggest success from each event. In the end, the success of our clients projects reflects on the success of our business, and in both instances – we refuse to settle for anything less than the best a situation has to offer.

Said in fewer words … “We have our clients backs!”

For Market Equality

We are not the only providers of what we do. As a result, to balance an equality in regional and community efforts for companies to thrive, we deliberately keep to our own back yard. Our printed media is comparable to other markets in regions that have an availability to their local market. In response, we do not ship our products directly overseas or market to areas where other currency markets survive. We do make our print materials available through resources like Amazon, for the availability of customer choice, but our marketing structure stays within the United States where our taxes and currency benefit our nation. While this has a potential to minimize our expanded financial growth to a slight degree, we find it is a fair effort to maintain market equality and the ability for other vendors to grow and develop their own businesses within the same customer base we serve.

For our service market, we make every effort to not “step on another providers toes.” There is room for everyone who provides services throughout our marketplace to maintain customer relations and a working atmosphere. At no time do we accept work from a customer who is currently working on the same project with a competitor or community related business unless that service request comes from the vendor already providing service to the end customer.

The ethics of co-existence in a working environment are often a lost moment in history, but we believe in fair play and make every effort to ensure that we don’t burn those who work and thrive in our field.

For Charity

Our service arms are made available wherever and whenever possible to help spear the initiatives of not-for-profit charitable and philanthropic efforts related to disease and health awareness, the safety of women against abuse, childhood education, children’s healthcare and the provisions of a safe and healthy environment for children to grow. When they can be provided at no overhead cost and just manpower and our in-house resources, it will be done. If it entails creating a physical product that is used as not-for-profit distribution to further the cause’s efforts, it will be done at cost with no added fees for work provided.

For All People

Our mission is to develop available resources and products that enhance the joy of living, add fun to daily life and drive positive social interaction and engagement. Our goal is to do so by creating unique, authentic and brand/image specific ideas that fill places that enhance peoples personal tastes and joys. While nothing we make is essential to financial prosperity, the benefit of living a life with happiness and resources to promote a feeling of “good” is necessary to live a full life.

For all people, everywhere, we want to enrich their  existence in a world of daily stress and share the happiness that comes from having something within reach that makes them feel good.

For Our World

In the process of supplying the things we provide, we aim to reduce a wasteful footprint and keep packaging, shipping expenses, energy use and daily stresses that affect peoples live to a minimum. Where we can decrease costs and wasted effort to produce what we provide, we re-align how we do things to adapt to a less wasteful norm and to adopt it as the new way we function.

We commit to being open to the choices people make on how they live their lives to create their own comforts and happiness and remove any critical judgement on what others need to do to achieve the principals of peace and contentment we all want in life. We open ourselves to the reasons behind peoples processes; we accept criticisms to take suggestion on how we can better provide for everyone we have contact with and to create an ease of access to the resources we have at our disposal, to share the things we do and the beliefs we hold, with the world we live in.

Thank you for choosing to be part of the Joe Dolan Companies.