About The Joe Dolan Companies

We don’t just sell cool products and create online fun…we offer experiences that bring happiness and joy. We are more than a series of online destinations that provide services that make people happy; we’re the Joe Dolan Companies. We were founded to do more than just enter the marketplace to compete with similar brands, we were founded with the principals and core business ethics Joe Dolan is respected for and has used to bring success to virtually everyone he works with. We’re forward-thinking. We focus on people and their emotions. We strive to influence others to do the same.

We are committed to building a family of brands that offer uplifting experiences and make people smile. What most call happiness, we call success.

Joe Dolan is a creative, passionate and music loving individual who sees potential in areas where others often see an uphill battle and don’t want the struggle. He was raised in a musical family with strong influence from American Hard Rock Music and it extended into his every day life; even to this day.

Born and raised in a small Massachusetts border town, Joe Dolan spent years involved with developing the local New England music scene, making every effort to reflect the upbeat elements the world experienced through MTV and FM Radio; which at the time, was very positive and not riddled with commercialism and negativity. Every day, for Joe, it was about connection through music and how it made people feel. It guided his every decision regarding creativity and business, to bring people the same overwhelming feeling of joy he received when he acquired a new cassette tape, or heard a favorite song on the radio and it made the earth stand still for 3-4 minutes.

In the early 2000’s, Joe made a conscious decision to leave the East Coast life he knew and to step into a new world in Los Angeles, CA where he was determined to explore every idea he had and to push those ideas to their fruition.

Since his relocation, Joe has brought together resources that allow him to share his passion and vision with the world, and the world has responded with gratitude. Customers, like minded music fans and artists working toward positive goals in the industry have all celebrated Joe and his efforts to get the most positive reactions to people’s personal projects.

Joe continues to develop new ideas for his companies and for people who discuss their desires with him; striving to help anyone find the things that fulfill their passions and to make their dreams come true. If he can help anyone with that, he chalks it up to living a lifetime of success.

The strength of our success comes from the ability to communicate globally with the people we serve. The Internet offers a great opportunity for people to express their thoughts with like minded people in different countries, different continents and different time zones. Our brands exist online with global access to what we do, because people do live in different time zones, but they all want to be happy in their passions too. Because we are all connected electronically, we can serve anyone, and everyone.

Some of our brands produce products people can hold, some offer services they can listen to and be enriched by and some offer services that help elevate their dreams and give them the ability to connect with like minded people in all those other time zones. They are all online and all offer direct contact with Joe Dolan, because sometimes people just have something to say and Joe wants to give them an opportunity to be heard – even if has nothing to do with our businesses.

Reach out anytime.

We are driven by passion and the desire people have to be happy.

I. Everyone has a voice, and how they feel is never wrong. It is up to us to understand why they feel the way they do, and to interact positively with them. On the other side of this moment is a chance to be happy, we will do what it takes to reach that moment.

II. Without passion, there is no win. Anyone can get thrown into a swimming pool, but if you took the time to put on your your shorts first, you’re going to have a much better time. You’re excited about something and have a drive to see it reach it’s full potential. If we can help get you prepared, we’re going to do it and you’re going to jump in and enjoy the swim. That’s our passion and together, we have a win.

III. We get further together than apart. Our business ethics focus on this – there is room for everyone to be a success, and we would rather give you a hand than a foot. Even if your sales goals are our sales goals, your passion is to get from point A to point B and our passion is to make sure you get there – even if it means you arrive before us, when we work together, we strengthen our industry. That is, however, a two way street.

IV. Be nice. Sharks get ahead, but sharks without teeth are fun to pet. Be a shark, move fast, be strong, swim hard – but be nice. Everyone who isn’t eventually drifts out of people’s lives, and we’d rather no one ends up alone. Be nice and let’s have coffee together.

Can we use your brand, music and product art in our stuff too?

NO! Watering down a brand does nothing for the end user. We’ll help you create a new vision for your own success, but don’t steal ours. We appreciate you think it’s cool, but it’s cool because people aren’t stealing it.

Do you have policies regarding retailers and wholesalers for your products?

We absolutely do! Visit each respective website and find them labelled under Wholesale or FAQ’s. If you have more questions, visit the contact page and drop us a line.

Does Joe Dolan still own Retrospect Records?

Nope! Joe sold that to Adrian McCaslin in 2006 and hasn’t worked with the label since.

Does Joe Dolan really play bass?
Yes! He has a working band in Los Angeles and will gladly talk your ear off about it over coffee. Reach him through the contact form about it.

Can I submit an idea for a printed product?

Absolutely! But before you send graphics, write a short proposal and deliver it through the right channels, that is, the website you want to represent your works. We’ll get back to you shortly. It’s best to include links to your works rather than emailing graphics when you first contact us.

Will Joe Dolan Public Relations represent me?

Maybe, just reach out through the contact resources on the JoeDolanPR website. Thanks for asking.