Kawaii Notebooks Welcomes Mankeeboi to the Designer Line-Up

Kawaii Notebooks, the maker and worldwide distributor of the only true Kawaii Notebook in the marketplace, is proud to announce Philippine artist Mankeeboi to be a featured cover design artist. Mankeeboi is an original kawaii, manga and cartoon artist with a global presence in the design field.

Kawaii Notebooks are the “Cuter than Cute” pocket style (4.5×6 in.) notebook that has taken the US Kawaii Art market by storm. Retailers from coast to coast are celebrating the sales of kawaii Notebooks in multiple lines of their brick and mortars. As gifts, personal collectibles, journals and writing pads, in travel sections and alongside calendars and agenda, the kawaii Notebook offers retailers and end users a variety of options to fill shelf space with real saleable items.

Kawaii Notebooks is strict with its artwork format, keeping cover art brand specific and original. Kawaii Notebooks maintains the strict rule that watered down art available on every product in the marketplace does nothing to enhance the customer experience. Kawaii Notebooks are personal, collectible and a please to share, with vibrant color schemes, inner page options and artwork that makes people smile; the overall goal of the company – happiness.

Mankeeboi, his actual name is Arly Pescuela, provides artwork to clothing makers, as well as for personal collectors. His designs are worn on t-shirts around the world and his artwork is highly prized for its originality and unique design features. Presented on the kawaii Notebook, Mankeeboi offers a shining example of applying one’s personal flavor to all they create.

Makeeboi Kawaii Notebooks are available immediately in the Kawaii Notebooks online store by visiting https://kawaiinotebooks.com/.

For more information, and to purchase Mankeeboi collectibles, visit Kawaii Notebooks online.


Mankeeboi - Takoyaki Kawaii Notebooks
Mankeeboi - Logo Kawaii Notebooks
Mankeeboi - Oreo Kawaii Notebooks
Mankeeboi - Tune Ride Kawaii Notebooks